Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pumping Inside You, Ice - The Last Fleshjack

Some of you may be saying, "Didn't you say that you retired from doing porn?"

WRONG! This is why people need to pay attention to the words in front of them. For the words that I have repeatedly said is that I am retired from doing studio-based porn. In fact, almost (if not) everytime I wrote the words "studio-based", they were either italicized and/or in bold type to highlight that point.

Now, for the right studio under the right conditions (mainly an escort-free pairing and good working conditions for their models), my exhibitionist spirit will have no problem coming out of retirement, and working for a porn studio. But as long as my sexual tools work, my exhibitionist spirit has no problem with making a home video, be it a solo, 1-on-1, or a group. It's the reason why my XtubeRocketTube, and GayForIt accounts are still active, hence the tabs on the top of this blog. For even if I became an Oscar-winning actor, I will always openly celebrate human sexuality. Now, on to the main idea of this posting.

Many of you who have followed me since my days in the gay porn industry are well aware of my Fleshjack videos on various tube sites. Well, during my days in porn, I have tried directing the people at Fleshjack to the those videos, which might I add are quite well received. However, the people at Fleshjack decided to do then as they do now - stick to the white aesthetic.

Whether it's Brent Everett, Brent Corrigan, Pierre Bitch, I mean, Ftich, the Visconti Triplets, Bel Ami models, or Next Door Studio models - Fleshjack  is sticking to their light-complexioned color scheme. 
Bi-racial Austin Wilde was thrown in just for the sake of saying they're not racist. Which explains Race Cooper as the token dark-complexioned model in their "contest" for the next Fleshjack model.

So my feeling is if Fleshjack is going to dismiss the sexual prowess of people of natural color, (unlike those pasty white models who sit in a tanning bed, or get spray tanned), then why should I or any other person of color make their product look good with our home videos that Fleshjack never pays attention to?

The point is WE SHOULD NOT.

Since I am now at a point in my post-porn life where I could care less what response I get from them for the video I have made below, I'm sure many of you are wondering...why make this video? It's to make a point. This is my send-off to making videos of me using a Fleshjack or any other sex toy from a company run by racist pigs that refuse to show non-Whites AND darker men of color as valued costumers and sexually desirable representatives of their product.

For as you will see from this video, us non-Whites and darker men of color can be just as sexually arousing by our displaying the use of their products,...if not more so. ;-)

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