Monday, October 17, 2011

Versatile Is Sex In Style

Recently on Facebook, the ever-so-HOT Guy Tang asked:

How many of you guys are Versatiles? And why?

My reply:
I'm versatile. As gay males especially, we have both tools to give pleasure to our partner. So I think the question for us shouldn't be why are we versatile. It should be 'why isn't EVERY gay male versatile?'

What threw me about the question was the part asking "why?" But once answered I realized that it might do some good to further how I think it's a legitimate answer when you look at the facts of the male body.

Healthy males have the same nerve endings in their cock, anus, and rectum. So unless there's some kind of physical issue with a male's penis, anus, or rectum, I see no reason for any male to not be versatile, except maybe to fill a macho void, which is not physical issue, but instead a mental one.

For guys who are total tops and bottoms, have tried to be the opposite, and it failed, there may be a trauma or fear involved. It might be guys who are total tops but tried bottoming, were turned off to bottoming after experiencing overly aggressive moronic tops who don't know how to be easy with a man's anus. Or guys who are total bottoms just don't want the responsibility of being the one who needs to get and stay hard in order for sex to happen. My feeling in both of these scenarios and the like is that they're lazy in sex. Because over 90% of you who know how to ride a bike, while learning to ride that bike, you most likely fell and busted your ass with the scars to prove it, and tried again before finally getting how to ride that bike. Why can't you take that same thought process, and apply it to your sex life? Why have so many gay males taken this version of "falling off the bike", and allowed it to beat them? Especially when you consider how trying, then succeeding can prolong your relationship by way of the various sex stylings within it. So at least if the relationship fails, you can eliminate sex as a crippling factor.

This is not to say that we all should be 50% versatile. I do think that most of us naturally feel a comfort with one position more than the other, but since we have the equipment for both, why let them go to waste? Plus it is the male nature to want his cock to penetrate. I once explored a theory regarding how it seemed like lack of using your cock to penetrate caused a male's cock to be smaller than one who uses it more often. This theory was sparked by a changed that appeared to have happened with my own dick the more versatile I became. Because you may recall that I was introduced to gay sex as a total bottom, and remained that for some time later. But as my versatility grew, it seemed my dick grew slightly right alongside it.

I know that obviously not everyone will agree with this, but I don't foresee myself in a relationship with a guy who is a total top or total bottom. Unless fate causes an incident to make the one I love become a total top or total bottom during the course of our relationship, or an incident happened prior to our getting together, I don't think I can be compromising. I can see myself accommodating his being a versatile top or versatile bottom, but not being a total bottom or total top. Otherwise, for me, his being a total top or total bottom is laying the path for an open relationship. But an even worse result for those who are not being as honest as I am about their sexual needs are sex trysts on the side while making your partner think you're a monogamous couple. I must be honest, and admit how I need that variety.
For as a blessed with good health male, it's like I said before, ....I am a healthy enough male to have both tools to pleasure my partner, and I'm ready willing, and able to use it.


  1. Well, men care about size. A lot of men have small dicks. I'm talking 3-5 inches. It is a confidence destroyer. In the real world you won't feel anything with a little dick and no girth so I think that is why some men only bottom. Speaking from experience.


  2. Eric,

    Excuse me, but I live in the real world, and I've had some 3-5 inches myself. And from my experience, I've had more fun with most of them than I've had with most guys who are 9+ inches. Whoever the bottom is in your sex scenarios, I don't know what they've done to their body to be unable to enjoy them. Maybe they've followed the porn-induced lie of how "bigger is better", so their hole is too stretched out to accommodate anything small, AND they might not be doing Kegels like I always suggest to enjoy the variety.
    As for their confidence, those guys with 3-5 inches need to stop being gluttons for punishment by hooking up with Grand Canyon-holed size-queens.
    In my experience, most big-dicked guys just make me go through the motions and pretend they're fun.
    And based on my theory, some of these guys who have these 3-5 inches might not have ended up with 3-5 inches if they had topped more often. Because the fact is the dick is a muscle. So while some dicks are naturally longer and thicker than others, others may need to play a more active role in sex in order to gain length and girth.


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