Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saying The Dirty Word....LIVE

Recently, I received an email from Men of All Colors Together/NY (MACT/NY) inviting me to be a featured speaker at a meeting on November 4, 2011. They wanted me to speak on an issue that to many is a bit of a dirty word. Especially in the gay community.

Considering how much I address it on this blog, and appear to be an expert on it, you might be wondering if the dirty word is "SEX"?" BLOWJOBS? Or the phrase, "ANAL MAINTENANCE"?

Actually, no to all of the above. The "dirty" word another I address alot on this blog ---RACISM. "The Present State of Racism in the LGBT Community" to be exact.

If you have followed this blog to any degree, then you know that I have talked quite a bit about how racism is one of the things we need to correct within ourselves if we are to put on a proper face for demanding equal rights. And by some of your own personal experiences, you are just as aware as I am as to how the word "racism" has become a dirty, unspoken word mistreated as an exaggeration the moment when the truth of its existence is spoken of, especially in the LGBT community, who are one of the biggest perpetrators of it. Well, this is your chance to hear me address this issue LIVE, as well as pose questions to me about some of the things you have heard me say here on this blog, other blogs, or during the course of that night. And maybe even enlighten me and the audience with tales of your own experiences.

Some of the topics I am considering for inclusion are racism displayed by:
Gay porn
Gay nightlife
Gay media (magazines, television, online, etc.)
And close by addressing if the racism displayed by these mediums influences and/or reflects the mindset of the majority of today's LGBT community.

I was asked if I could find others to include in this, thereby creating a discussion panel. Well, for this I would like to have a rainbow of speakers. Blacks and very likely Asians are represented thus far. So if you are part of a gay ethnic organization, or a sole observer of this issue please send me a message of interest, credentials, and group affiliation if you have one via email.

However the line-up turns out, whether it's me alone or as part of a panel, I'm very much looking forward to it. For this is a discussion that I will keep you posted on the details of because it very much needs to be had. The LGBT community is already a minority, and the last thing we need is what we are presently plagued with - the separatism and bigotry from racism within the gay community to further separate us.

So until then, please keep in mind my latest "Write That Down" quote to show the importance of this event. It reads:

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