Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 1949 @12:14 AM....

On this day, February 22nd at 12:14 AM in 1949, my mother was born.

I could not be more proud to have a mother like her in my life. She has been a Mom when I needed a mom, and my best friend when I needed a best friend. One to confide in through my best and worst of times. Perfect example is how even with her strong religious convictions, I was able to come out to her during my first failed relationship attempt with Danny. Then I discover that she knew of my orientation for over a year - from the time I was dating Alfonso, the very 1st guy I dated since coming to terms with my sexuality. All this, and my being a predominantly gay bisexual has NOT stopped her love for me. And she continues to be both the best Mom and friend to me to this very day.

I know I am truly blessed, because there are some out there who can't say that. Nor are there some people in the adult entertainment industry blessed enough to be able to tell their parents that they're in the business. And have them be a listening ear when something in the industry goes wrong. Hence why so many in the industry are lost. 

My mother's love is why I have the wisdom you have come to know and like this blog for.
And it is her love that made me able to walk away from the porn industry, and know I was going to do better than I did while in it.

So for all her love and support, it is only right that I say....

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