Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NOW, I'll Have Bathroom Sex

When I first moved into my new place, my eye for decorating did not make the bedroom a priority, as some might think. It made the bathroom a priority instead.

From the bathroom of the house I grew up in back in Brooklyn (before it's remodeling that forced my move), to the public bathrooms of restaurants and work places I've been to, and the least desirable of all - those in bars and clubs, I've always wondered what was the appeal of bathroom sex. How many gay men and straight women are so self-loathing that they allow some guy to fuck them in a piss-stenched public bathroom, when they are sober no less? I've been propositioned to be fucked in a bathroom a number of times, and only gave in twice. The 1st time was because the bathroom was clean and had not been touched since the club opened (from Part 1 of "The Asian Experience"), and the other was at The Cock during a DList party where I will admit that I drank enough to get a buzz that made me ignore the stench.

(Here's where I have to admit what alcohol does to me. For me, if I'm horny when I drink, then once I get buzzed (not drunk - just buzzed), I get really horny. I still maintain my standards of cuteness for a guy to fuck me or me fuck him, as well as my taking the proper precautions like condom use. It's just that buzz elevates my horniness to a level where unless the bathroom odor is pungent, I can ignore it and give up or fuck some hungry ass.)

With that stench being the deterrent of sex as it is for me, I set out to make my bathroom able to be described in 1 word - SEXY.

I wanted it to be that if a guy walked into my room horny for me, while getting a tour of the bedroom and private bathroom, he wouldn't care about which of the 2 rooms we fucked in. Just as long as we fucked. And as you saw from the video, my bathroom is decorated to get you motivated from the second you walk in, and keep you motivated during your stay in there. So the plan is that unless I'm in the bathroom with you, then you have to come back into the bedroom to get your sexual release.


  1. You sound so cute! I love your accent. The tour's sweet, but you're right - you have no taste in curtains! I'd also recommend that you get some type of frames for those pictures, probably glass clipframes. Moisture and paper don't mix well. Also, the reflective quality of the glass helps the general ambience. ;)

    MORE VIDEOS PLEASE - bedroom next?

  2. Hey Ka-os. I'm glad you like my accent. And I said I DO have great taste in curtains, Thank you.
    But you're right. I have had trouble keeping those pics up on that wall from time to time. It must be the steam from the hot showers I take. So the pics must be peeling off the wall, while my clothes are peeled off to take my shower.
    I know, I'm such a tease.


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