Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lean Muscle Party - Part 1

About a month ago, I got an email telling me about a sex party to take place on September 20th called Lean Muscle Party. I got an email the previous month, and was wondering how did they get my email address. I guess because I knew one day that my curiosity and horniness would get the better, that I would eventually go to one, so I didn't asked to be removed from their mailing list.

Well, I must confess - the curiosity and horniness got me last Thursday night, September 20th.

I was so worried about what kind of guys I was going to see when I walked through the door, but I made my way there anyway. The resaon I was worried was because although they claim their door policy is that all attendees must be fit, some parties don't hold up their policies. And since I never been to this one before, I was nervous about the unknown.

I walked in the door, and their were guys in line waiting to get in. And the 3 directly in front of me were fucking gorgeous with nice bodies. I dick was getting hard just by standing in line knowing that I was going to see these guys at least down to their underwear. Plus, if these guys are so hot, then I began to wonder how many hotties am I missing out on inside by waiting on this line to sign in. Once I got signed in, I went on the side with others to get undressed. The 2 guys who were in front of me on the line seemed to be a couple. An extremely handsome couple at that. The one in front of me was White, about my height and build, and blond. His boyfriend was White, tall, well built with light brown hair. And they were getting undress about a yard away from me. I was trying to hold my breath to stop my oncoming hard-on from growing out of my underwear. Because the more I saw of them, the more they became my target people to fool around with. Especially when I was checking my clothes in, because the tall one was standing in front of me wearing only a jockstrap. A jockstrap that showed off such a well-rounded, plump, juicy ass that I my hands were itching to grab, but I practiced restraint, and checked my clothes, then proceeded to where all the action was happening.

It was just 1 hour after the party started, and the action was going enough that as soon as I walked into the playground, I heard a guy moaning, and furniture moving because someone was fucking the hell out of him. I found out who it was, but didn't watch long. Instead, guys started coming over near where I was, passing by me, checking me out, and I did the same to most of them, because so many of them were HOT! I have never seen so many hot guys at a sex party before. To the extent that if I had my way, I would have been fucking and getting fucked by so many of them, that I would have to get myself certified as a nymphomaniac.

Once I stood still, guys started feeling me up, and I wasn't objecting to most of them. One hot older guy with an amazing body started giving me a blowjob. And while I'm getting my cock sucked, who shows up but the handsome couple I mentioned earlier. The tall one stood behind the blond, and egged him on to touch me. And I knew they both wanted to, because both of them were checking me out. I smiled at the blond, then we started touching each other, then moved in closer rubbing our head against each other, then we kissed. And while we kissed I felt the blond's ass. It was nice just like his boyfriend's. Speaking of his boyfriend, he moved to the other side of me, and I finally got a feel of the juiciness of his ass that I was longing to touch. So the next thing I knew I switching between kissing a guy on my left, then a guy on my right, and acknowledging down below how well my dick was getting sucked. This went on for a bit, and ended at just the right time, because between getting a great blowjob, and playing with both of the couple's dicks and asses, I knew if this kept up I was going to shoot my load in less than a half-hour after I arrived to the party.

I ran into the handsome couple a few times during the night. At one point, me and the blond teamed up at sucking his boyfriends nice hard cock. With the 2 of us licking that dick from both sides and kissing with it between us, I know we made that tall hunk of man felt like an adonis. Which he is.

I fooled around with some other guys, then I saw the handsome couple again. The blond layed down on his back to get ready for what I've been hoping to see those 2 guys do all night.

They were going to fuck.

When they started fucking, I started treating it like I was watching a porno from most of my desired angles. With my desired angles being everything I can't see of my top while I'm getting fucked. Being the ass-man that I am, I watched the the tall guy ass while he moved with a nice sexy rhythm sliding in and out of the blond. I got such a woody watching it from the back, then the side, then the back again. Then I decided to stay and watch from the side, and rub his ass, and feel his balls as they swelled from fucking his boyfriend. Then the blond reached for me, and I started playing with his nipples. He loved that. Then he pulled me in to kiss him. I didn't give too deep a kiss, because I figured sure it's a sex party, but his byfriend is right there. But as I was thinking I kissed him enough, the blond wanted me to kiss him more, and more, and more. His boyfriend at one point asked me if I wanted a turn. A part of me wanted to, but I let the part that was enjoying the show of them 2 take over, and told he how I was enjoying watching them. A little while later, he pulled out of the blond, and the blond put his hand around my rock-hard cock and said, "I want this before the night is out."

I smiled and went on to check out other spots just like everybody else. But not soon after, the tall guy asked me to fuck him. I gladly obliged knowing that it would give me a chance to repeatedly grope, and massage that nice round ass of his. I knew for sure he was more of a top than bottom when he asked me to go slow. Which for me meant that I was going to enter a nice tight hole. And I wasn't wrong as his asshole wrapped around my cock holding and warming my hard-on. The blond was right there as I fucked his boyfriend on his back, then doggy style, as I watched his ass bounce each time I banged into him. After giving the tall guy a good plowing, he went to clean himself off of the lube, just as I was about to. But before I went to the bathroom for that, I made out with the blond a little, and then we finally parted ways to wash our hands as well.

I came out of the bathroom wondering whether or not someone was finally going to give my ass a good pounding that it always hungers for. And then I got my answer.....

To be continued on my blog for Pitbull very soon.....

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