Monday, November 26, 2018

Lately, I've been seeing more and more black guys walking around in backrooms wearing hoodies. The problem is not really the hoodie. The problem is that they are wearing the hood of that hoodie on their head. Indoors, that's what someone does when they're hiding their face. When they're ashamed of what they're doing, and/or where they're doing it. And with black males doing it, to a stereotypical white person's eye, it gives them more ammunition to claim black males as more self-hating and have more internalized homophobia. Meanwhile, there are just as many whites doing things to show that same self-hate and internalized homophobia. Such as gay-for-pay, so-called Christian getting caught on gay affairs, sex parties, and on hook-up apps.

Anyway, while such actions show that these males have an issue with self-acceptance based on an  emotional, this action should also leads one to wonder if there is a mental issue involved as well. For why would you try hiding yourself in a sexually permissive space? From a prospective playmate? Allowing someone to use you as just a dick to put in their mouth/ass/vagina?

With those questions in tow, we must not only question the sense of self-worth of the guy wearing the hood. We must also question the sense of self-worth of the guys who agree to play with them. So it seems with all the advances we gays have made in acceptance, many of us are still doing things to show we have not fully embraced our gayness, and the joy to experience from owning that realization of self-identification.

These black males hiding their face are getting action for one said reason. They are letting their big dicks be their means of introduction.

This is even more sad display when you see them allow themselves to be made of fetish of with their #BBC (Big Black Cock) to be their selling point. Primarily to racist white/light complexion size queens. For why else would you entertain anyone who is making such an effort to keep their face hidden? When all you have to entice you is a black guy's big cock, and a difficult-to-see face, then these guys make themselves into walking waste products.

For on November 20th, I wrote a Facebook post telling a recent venture into a backroom. A black guy wearing his coat and hood , without the slightest bit of eye contact from me to signal interest, grabbed my hand to put it on his dick. That made me flip and say to his face pretty much what that Instagram pic says.

By my reaction of throwing his hand off of mine, he quickly discovered that he was wasting his time. Because as far as I'm concerned, such shame made him a walking waste product.

If you're wondering why I am so hard on these guys, it is because I think back to my time before my coming out. I came out as late as I did because I did not want to be them. Wherever in the sexuality spectrum I was to realized that I belong, I wanted to own it so I could enjoy it. Therefore, I would not exhibit shame in my sexuality. Especially if I'm in a sexually permissive space.

So as to why I'm also hard on those appeasing the guys wearing the hoods, it's because they are enabling that display of shame. Again, looking back on my days before coming out, if I went into a backroom with the hood of a hoodie on, I would want, but more so need a reaction to show me that I'm doing something wrong.

This leads me to address why in that Facebook post, I insulted the guys who play with these black guys wearing hoods in the backroom.

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