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Sexy Party Review - High + Tight: The 2nd Coming

Sex parties to celebrate Gay Pride! Not at all a new concept. And not at all an unwarranted one. After all, one of the aspects of Gay Pride to be free to have sex with whichever gender you want without persecution.

With that however, comes a responsibility to each other. Such as not behaving in a way to make your fellow man feel less than. Especially, over a natural occurrence such as skin color. Well, it seems like the most white and light Latinos at High + Tight: The 2nd Coming didn't get that memo.

At first, I thought it was just me. For everyone who is often approached and flirted with has an off night, and vice versa. But I felt an ugly energy in the air there. The ugly energy of sexual racism. An ugly energy I forgot about feeling at the last High + Tight party because it was such awhile back. So this night  caused a flashback.

However, since I didn't want to be right about my criticism, because that was then, and this is now, I used the one tactic that would prove me right, even though I wanted to be proven wrong... I looked at other Black males in the room to see how they were fairing.

I disappointingly discovered they were also being rejected. To be more exact, Blacks and Asians there were about 95% of the time either treated like they were invisible, or they were used as ego-boosting strokers and fluffers, then discarded. But seldom did anyone have sex with a Black guy there.

Such a case was this skinny white guy with glasses. I kept feeling myself being watched. I turned around to see a husky Black guy giving a blowjob to this skinny white guy. The feeling of being watched was because the white guy was looking at me while getting his blowjob. Besides my being bothered by how I was being gawked at while they're getting a blowjob from someone else, Something still felt off. So I went closer to him. Once I got closer. He tried acting like I wasn't there. So it was all a ploy. He had a Black guy on his dick, and another Black guy he felt he drew in. So he was using us 2 Black guys to stroke his ego. This was something I saw among the patrons at High + Tight: The 2nd Coming A LOT!

While it's an ugly ploy, it is an understandable one from these creatures. As I said in a recent comment to an article on NewNowNext, many gay white males are incredibly insecure. Not a surprise when you're put on a man-made pedestal, especially a racist one. You make every other color feel "less than" so they won't contend with you always being in fear of falling off that pedestal. However, the white guilt of life on that pedestal makes those controlling media make us Blacks into sexual superheroes. This doesn't excuse or lessen the ugliness of using someone solely to stroke their ego out of some racist jealousy. So let's leave Karma to deal with them on that.

This idea of using someone of a certain color, ethnicity, and/or body type only as a stroker or fluffer, but not as a sexual prospect is an ugly common practice among those endorsed as epitomes of beauty by gay media, porn, and nightlife. That means white, light-skinned Latinos, and gymrat blacks. With the commonality of which color does it most often being in that order. Seeing many white guys do this is over and over and over again at NY Jock Party/GBU events is why I stopped going there. So if High + Tight promoters that get their shit together, they will be the next party I suggest being on my Miss List.

In short, such behavior at High & Tight shows its name should be changed to "Racist & White". Therefore, instead of it having a "2nd coming", it should have stayed gone.

Well, I'm glad to say that the next night I went to CumUnion. And based on my experience there...

CumUnion picked up where High + Tight fucked up!!!

For early on, unlike at High & Tight, I saw guys of all sizes and colors getting action at CumUnion. Sure, there were some who were still assholes. In fact, I saw a few guys from that High + Tight party at this CumUnion party. But overall, this crowd showed itself to have someone for everyone. And in a city as diverse as New York City, such a crowd shows that a promoter is doing their job. They're not catering to their little clonish clique with a Pre-Civil Right Movement color approval rating as to what is sexy. An attitude that was all too evident at High + Tight. Hence why I wrote this Facebook post that Saturday:

With that said, the promoters of High + Tight have a lot of work to do. For starters, being open-minded enough to learn and know that in a mecca of diversity like NYC, and at a diversity-inviting space The Cock has grown into, one should create a  party that is all inclusive. Not limiting your crowd to being only the porn clones and colors you want to fuck. If you want that party, keep it in the close-mindedness of your home, or the lacking diversity of your hometown, but...



  1. As someone who was once a regular at the Cock, I was turned down by you repeatedly. In face, I specifically recall a night where, in a threesome, your dick somehow ended up in my mouth and you struggled to pull it out. I actually thought you might cut it off if you had to. I've seen more than one occasion where white men lined up to pull a train on you. So, please give up this 'poor me' thing you do with regards to being turned down by white men. Those of us who've seen you in action (and really, who hasn't?!) know you're just a thirsty whore. You're at sex parties seven nights a week fucking, sucking, and being fucked and sucked. Every once in a while, you're going to have an off night.

    1. I had to delete my original response because, Scott, you left out a very important component to address your issue correctly... A PHOTO or naming your color/ethnicity.

      Either way, your comment exposes you to have the stereotypical bruised via fragility male ego. After a 2nd look at your comment, I've gathered that you are a person of color. Again, either way, while black males are easily looked over in sexual settings, just because I am a person of color, I OWE YOU NOTHING.


      In addition to your color/ethnicity, why don't you tell me your height or weight? If you are not proportionate, then that could easily be why I turned you down. But again, you supplied no photo or description, so I can't verify this.

      Also, one common problem I do run into with black males in such spaces is them imitating the porn ideal of a black male and the uber-aggressive behavior that comes with it. Imitating such behavior often intrudes upon one's personal space. And for me, since I'm not a white boy with white guilt feeling a need for punishment, such behavior is a turn-off to me. So that's another reason you probably got rejected.

      Furthermore, I'm not at sex parties 7 nights a week. And when I do go one, or any backroon, I am sometimes there for a couple of hours before I even talk to a single patron. Because I'm first observing to study people and see where we are in our sexually relating to each other as gay males. So I am by no means a thirsty whore, because whores do sex acts for money and favors. Meanwhile, I pay my own way in life, and I have a form of sex with someone because I am actually attracted to them. Expecting no money in return. I do admit to being sexual, and when I find someone who sparks my fancy, I go all in. Because at least for me, a physical AND spiritual connection makes me feel free to let go with them. Hence the "shows" I have probably been seen giving. So with these trains you saw guys lined up to do on me, sure they may have lined up, but I most likely gave few of them a ride.

      All that said, your comment shows you're just mad that you will never be one of those guys. You will never be man enough for me. In fact, this tirade shows you're not man enough for any real man you ever encounter.

      Due to those shows you're TRYING to slut-shame me for, there is no "poor me". I am well aware I'm not for everyone. And I said early on in the post that I felt I might have an off night. But in your narcissism and bruised ego by it, you neglected to READ that which is clearly stated in Paragraphs 3, 4, and 5.

      So the next time you try to come for me, check your bruised ego waaay before you get to my virtual home's door, then READ EVERY WORD.


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