Saturday, December 23, 2017

This Bi-Guy's Bi Sex Fantasy

If you have read this blog long enough, then you know I define my sexual orientation as being a predominately gay bisexual. And although that is the case, I have yet to have a sexual encounter that gives me all that I want sexually from a male and female simultaneously.

So what do I want exactly? What exactly is the bisexual 3-way that I lust for most?

For one, this would be a raw sex scenario.  One that might seem like a step back. For what I want would very likely stroke the hell out of the other bisexual male's ego. Because he would have 4 holes hungry and open to take in his cock: (1)my mouth, (2)the female's mouth, followed by (3)her pussy, then (4)my ass.

Me and her would take turns sucking his cock, then double team it. 
She takes one side, while I take the other. Or she works the bottom of his dick, while I work the top, or vice versa.

Here's a confession for you....When I watch straight porn, seeing a guy eat out a woman's pussy turns me on. With this being a chance to see it right before my eyes again, I would watch him go down on her. Making her moist and ready for his dick. And to make sure his dick is ready, I would stroke his dick and every reachable part of his body while watching him eat her out.

He would pound her pussy first. In as many positions he can do without cumming.

In missionary, I would once again be mostly a voyeur. 

Watching him and her fuck from the side, and from behind. I would become part of the action again when watching from behind, seeing his ass flexing from thrusting in and out of her, I would grope his ass and lick him from his taint to his ass crack.

In a position where her pussy becomes accessible to my mouth, that would be when I stop being voyeur, and become part of the action again. For in a position like doggy style, while he's pounding her (or she's throwing her pussy on him) I would lay underneath her, as to do a 69. Using my oral prowess to play with her clit. With my eyes wide open looking at his cock slide back and forth in her pussy, and seeing his balls swell from the pleasure. And the sight of those balls swelling is going to make me hunger to lick them at least a little bit. Stopping the moment I feel (or he says) it will make him cum. Because him cumming from this would ruin my main goal....

All of this should make his cock get wetter and wetter. So the moment I realize that the combination of him fucking her pussy and me licking her clit has made her pussy super moist, I'd prepare for my turn of his dick being in my hole, and unloading from all the joy it has endured.

For my aforementioned main goal of this 3-way is to take in a hot guy's dick that's wet and shiny from a sexy girl's pussy juice. Putting it in my lubed up hole, and him thrusting and throbbing in my ass in as many positions as possible until his body can't contain it anymore, and he shoots his cum load all up in my ass.

With so much action, I'm sure he would build up quite a lot of jizz. And with my tight hole, it might be a good number of hours before it finally looks to get out of my ass....And that's how I would like it.
I have no desire to imitate these porn videos where the girl or guy pushes out the cumload. I want all of that DNA from my playmates lingering inside me for a good while after we've orgasmed. Be those orgasms physical, or mental, like mine when I bottom.

All of this is what I mainly see in my dream bisexual 3-way. Anything extra you might be thinking I should do, or should happen to me isn't a rejected notion. It's simply not in the top of my list of planned actions. Therefore, they would be a bonus to aforementioned 3-way plans.

Now, when and if this happens, I will definitely let you know. Because that would be sex so good that I would not be able to keep its splendor a secret.

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