Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gringo's Morning Chocolate

On a hook-up website, there was a guy who I had been considering hooking up with for some time now, but timing never seemed to work. I'm sure many of you know such a scenario where you often see him online, send him a message, and get no response, or find out later that he opened the message after you had logged off. Well, after this happening enough times, imagine my shock a couple of weeks ago when he hits me up to see if I was free that morning. I told him I was. But he seemed to have one kink that 1) I wasn't too keen on, and 2) was never spoken of in past chats...

...He said he wanted me to have a "dirty hole".

Since I by no means recall him speaking of such a kink before, while I was in shock, I knew I wasn't going to end up with shitty sheets, even though I told him "OK". I didn't even lay a towel underneath me to prepare for the possibility.

You see, I had planned on going out the night before, but then changed my mind, and had a quiet night in. However, I make it a ritual precautionary measure to "clean out before I go out". For as I've said in past posts, I never go out looking for sex, it just happens. And being aware of this, one needs to be prepared just in case sex does just happen.

SIDE NOTE: Also with that precaution in mind of sex just happening, I also carry condoms with me. So if you see me out and about, and you need one, feel free to ask me for one. If I have one, I'll gladly give you one. The most I might ask for in return is to play voyeur if your plan is to screw at that venue. Otherwise, no charge.

Anyway, with my hole being cleaned out from the night before, and eating nothing since, the dirtiest hole he was going to get was from me not showering before he arrived. And knowing that to be the case is the only reason I went along with hooking up with him. For when asked by anyone "what are you into?", I always say that I'm into just about everything EXCEPT BDSM, fisting, and scat. And this guy's request for a "dirty hole" bordered on scat.

So how was it? It was fun.
He said that he can cum quick, and being that I seem to have a tight hole that makes guys need to pace themselves, especially if they are susceptible to that, it's evident in this video as to why he never really pounded my ass non-stop at any point.

Lastly, before anyone finds themselves offended:
1) referring to the guy as "Gringo" is not a racially offensive jab. The guy himself has "gringo" as part of his screenname. And;
2) don't feel like I invaded this guy's privacy. For it was discussed before he arrived at my place about me recording, because the 1st time we ever communicated he led me to a XTube video of him fucking. And he agreed that it was OK. I just took it upon myself to conceal his face in editing.

With all that addressed, enjoy this peep into my bedroom.

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