Thursday, March 22, 2012

Come See Me @ The Rainbow Book Fair

Gay media with its incessant fluff pieces that overrate the superficial and underrate the necessary insist on making gays "play the victim" by constantly reporting on suicides believed to be caused by bullying - which gives someone besides ourselves the power and responsibility of weathering through our personal storms.

Well, instead of following gay media's credo in giving someone else the power, I say let's EMPOWER OURSELVES, AND FIGHT OUR OWN DEMONS. I wouldn't be alive today, if I didn't practice what I am preaching. Hence why I wrote the poem "3-31-41" dedicated to those who are where I could have been had I not fought those demons, and been blessed to win against them.

So if you're in NYC this Saturday, with my being scheduled as the last reader in the 2 -3 PM slot of the Rainbow Book Fair's Poetry Salon, it would be nice to meet you, and have you see me as you hear this story told through poetry dedicated to those in our community that we are or have lost to denial-driven deaths. Be that denial-driven death be figuratively by their lifestyle choice of hiding, or literally by suicide.

My hope is that this poem helps those questioning themselves.
For gay media seems to have in a way forgotten them.
I hope to see you there.

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