Friday, September 16, 2011

The Accidental Barebacker

While I have often advised finding pleasure in safe sex practices, I have never been a hypocrite denying that I have experienced some also pleasurable bareback sex in my time. Because I have. And recently did accident.

Some may wonder how is barebacking by accident possible. Well, when I tell you this story it should make more sense.

I was traveling, went to a bar, and was asked to dance on the bar for tips. On this particular night, the party at that bar goes all out with most of the dancers getting totally naked. I started out in my underwear like the 2 paid dancers. I was turned on by the guys up there, but as I have mentioned in past posts, when it comes to me getting a hard-on, I must be touched. So I touched my crotch and got the hard-on started, danced with the other dancers a bit, but after that, the hard-on left. As time went on, it wound up being 5 guys on the bar. Then once it came time to take the underwear off, like the rest, my underwear came off as well. So there I was totally naked on the bar, not at all drunk. Most bartenders think that it takes alcohol to get the dancers' exhibitionism to surface, but that's not the case with me. All I had was 2 weak-on-alcohol Rolling Rocks and water in between and after. So I was totally sober while getting naked, and have no regrets about doing it.

At one point, about 3 of us wound up in a make out session on the bar. It was one of the paid dancers in between me and one of the other guests on the bar. After kissing him a bit, the other guest started giving the paid dancer a blowjob. After that, the paid dancer saw my hard-on and started jerking me off, and I jerked off his in return. I was totally turned on by his beautiful body, ass, and cock. So there's no doubt that my hard-on was greatly inspired by the fantasy of a flip-fucking session with him. I wanted to taste his cock too. I licked his toned torso, went down his abs, then to his belly button which was a outie like mine, then down to his cock. So I went down on him, literally - for all to see.

Like most guys do because of my oral prowess, I felt him start growing in my mouth. While using my right hand to feel his body, at the same time I was using my left hand to jerk myself to stay hard. Once I decided that I sucked his cock enough, I stood back up. Then he returned the favor and started sucking me off. Now, I've mentioned in the past how I don't get turned on too much by the idea of a blowjob because few guys can do them well. So I'm always hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Well, while I was expecting the worst, I got the best. Because I was definitely enjoy his sucking my dick. What I didn't know, but was soon to find out, was that his sucking my dick wasn't only to return the favor of me sucking his.

When he stopped sucking my cock, he then turned with his back to me. He grabbed on to my cock again. I've dance totally naked at parties before, and when you get with another dancer, there's always been a moment where you simulate sex, mainly standing doggy-style. It could be by one guy rubbing his cock against the other guy's ass, or by one guy's cock being in between the other guy's legs. I thought he grabbed my cock to do the latter, because it was already rubbing against the crack of his ass when he grabbed it. So he grabbed my cock, and it slipped into this tight, warm space. And while it was a very pleasant feeling around my cock, it was also very unexpected.

If you take one finger, and either wrapped your hand around it or stick it between your closed upper thighs, then move it back and forth as if to fuck your hand or thighs, your finger is going to feel a different sensation around it than it does when you finger-fuck the ass of someone. Why? Because your hand and thighs are skin, while the inside of an ass is flesh. And that's the difference I noticed on my dick. I realized that my dick was no longer inside his hand, nor was it ever between his legs. Instead, my dick....was inside his ass.

I was wondering how do I proceed with this as a bunch of questions ran through my mind. With all these people watching, do I fuck him bareback, maybe sending out a wrong message? Do I pull out to send the right one? It all happened so fast and unexpectedly.

But before I tell how I proceeded, let's take these variables into consideration, and be totally honest afterwards about what YOU would have done in my situation:
1) You're horny
2) You already have a hard-on because you're on a bar with hot guys you wouldn't mind fooling around with.
3) One of the main guys turning you on just stuck your dick in his ass, so your fantasy has now become reality without possible proper preparation, but
4) there's a room full of people watching, so you don't want to freak out, especially when it turns out that
5) his ass on initial entry feels GREAT!

So what did I do?
I fucked him bareback right there on the bar with everyone watching.
 Now, I know the barebacking police may get in an uproar, ready to arrest and book me for not only doing it, but revealing it. But there's no reason to keep it a secret when a room full of people were eyewitness to it. And with all those aforementioned variables at play, I bet 90+% of men you know, being the sex-driven animals that we men are, would have done the same. If they say otherwise, that 90+% would be lying. But if it any consolation to you, I didn't do it for even 5 minutes, nor did I cum inside him. And just like at sex parties with a condom on,  I washed off afterwards.

I'm sure this leaves some with the questions:
Would I have full-on sex with him? YES. Would I use a condom? Well, I've gotten to the point with my telling of sex tales that if you care to notice that unless the condom plays a pivotal role in the story like me seeing it filled with cum after the fact, that I now leave the use of it out of the story. Why?

Because practically all of us knew about practicing safe sex even before we knew our orientation and/or lost our virginity. So I've decided that this is one adult situation that I'm not going to keep teaching and teaching to you so much when it should have already been drilled into your head to the point that you're now more than sick of hearing it, and looooong before stumbling upon my blog. So to reiterate my 2nd question, would I use a condom? Just like in the last few sex tales, this case is the same...

....none of your damn business. BE WELL. :-)

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