Wednesday, January 2, 2019

White Boys! Stop Fetishizing BBC!

The fetishizing of black males has been going on for the longest in American society. Actually, it happens across the globe in countries where white Europeans are considered the majority. In the gay community, nothing has been a bigger inciter of this fetishizing than gay porn since it is our only teacher of how to sexually interact with each other. For our gay mentors have long wrongly taught us to rid our minds of the basic principles of sexual interaction

Instead of trying to live vicariously through my sexual exploits (while you should be having some of your own), why don't you take note of the look of disgust on my face because of the fetishizing of yet another black male that I'm being witness to??? Maybe then your life will be worth a damn!!!

I am tired of white guys thinking they are doing me a favor showing their so-called racial open-mindedness by "taking black dick". They are so stupid that they never realize that they are furthering the porn-induced role of what a black male should be to a white male--- a black uber-aggressive top using his dick to punish a white boy for the white boy's forefather's crime against humanity known as slavery. I'm sick of getting such videos in my social media inbox! Do you really think I want you after seeing that? NO! Instead, you are as I said about the French guy. You're damaged goods by way of fetishizing black males. You serve no worth to anyone who is worth existing.

If you have seen me out in gay nightlife, then you might have caught moments of me being quite cruel in my turning down the advances of older white/light males. Even when some are actually my age. So you might have asked yourself, "Why is he so cruel to him?"

First of all, many of their approaches are intrusive to my personal space, which as told in great detail in "Porn-Induced PTSD", make invading my personal space a move you don't want to do with me, to put it mildly. Attitudes of entitlement embedded in them by gay and various ethnic cultures has made them still feel entitled to whoever's body they want. Consent is not the must to them that it should be.

This provokes me seeing their loneliness as a price bestowed upon them by Karma. For I am always looking at the big picture. And for some, that means in trying to understand your present actions, I must consider your past. A past that I'm sure includes how when these white/light guys were the eye-catching fit 20-somethings like they chase after now, they treated males as disposable. A sexual revolving door. Never acknowledging how sex is both a physical and spiritual connection. Which is why they were especially quick to treat males of medium to dark complexioned as even more disposable. Hence making a fetish of males of color, and never letting them meet the family. Now that the looks have faded to where they are no longer desirable in the youth-obsessed mindset of gay culture, their loneliness makes them more skilled in hiding their fetishizing ways. For that loneliness has made males of color a consolation prize, instead of the grand prize they should have been considered as in that white/light males younger and "prettier" days.

Plus, this fetishizing young white/light gays do came from somewhere. With that in mind, if it didn't come from their actual parents, then it came from their "gay parents" - the older gay people who took them under their wing when they came out. And while it might not be an actual person in their life, the fetishizing of people of various colors and ages seen in porn, which is a definite teacher of gay sexual behavior also qualifies as a "gay parent". Because age-wise, who produces gay porn?... OLDER GAYS. Gays who are old enough to be your parent, or at the very least, an older sibling

So looking at the circle of events, the young white gays fetishizing me today were likely taught to do do by older white gays who refused to learn better in their younger days. So the older gay passed on a baton of ignorance to a younger gay.

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