Monday, November 14, 2022

Pleasure Products Review: Keon Sex Machine

I have been a fan of Kiiroo's products for years now. While that might seem like a biased critique since I have been on occasion blogging for them for some years now, my trying to build a sex educator brand based on integrity would not allow me to continue writing for them if I didn't have good reason to be a fan.

One of the reasons I am a fan is because when there is a void in their product line, at some point they do fill it. Such as just as I was about to ask them why they had so many male strokers with the external of a vagina, Kiiroo introduced a stroker with the external of a butt. Thereby expanding their potential clientele to include gay male tops and lovers of anal sex of any sexual orientation.

Another suggestion I was going to make was if they could make a thrusting dildo. Possibly by compacting the technology to make the Keon into a dildo. Well, before I got around to sending that email, I was given the attachments needed to turn my Keon into their Keon Sex Machine.

The Keon Sex Machine comes with a Keon (which I already own), plus a vacuum lock dildo and a dildo adapter.

The video tutorial to explain how to put it all together can be found at:

Since the size, shape, and/or color of the dildo that comes with the Keon Sex Machine might not be your preferred one, know that the dildo adapter can actually work with most dildos with a vacuum lock. The exception would be those vacuum lock dildos that also have balls that would make the dildo exceed the diameter of the Keon.

I posted a NSFW video on my Twitter to show the Keon Sex Machine in action.

Like I said in the tweet, when I discovered that video on FeelXVideos, I wanted something to put in my butt to simulate Myke Glory's thrusts. At first I settled for getting off by living vicariously through his penis as the Keon moved in sync with him. But the Keon Sex Machine now gives me exactly what I want in my fantasies of him. In fact, it thrilled me so much that while I normally can hold my orgasm and ejaculation until the end of the scene, the Sex Machine thrusted into me so good that the dildo hit my prostate as I was stroking my penis and made me come before the scene ended.

For the record, I'm someone who when I bottom, if I ejaculate, I can still take getting penetrated until my partner stops. So know that the ending of the video was just for the sake of ending the video. Since then, even after coming I've still let the Keon Sex Machine thrust into me until the guy penetrating is done.

Of course as with most sex toys, there is a downside to report. That downside being that the Keon is round, so it might be hard to hold down while it thrusts. This is a minor downside that I believe can be remedied by purchasing either the table clamp or neck strap accessory for the Keon. Perhaps Kiiroo will soon create something like more of a holder that the Keon can stay in place in. Other than that, I immensely enjoy my Keon more than I thought possible.

With that said, I wholehearted advise purchasing the Keon Sex Machine. For it is definitely as what the promos are saying---a game changer. For yes, sex machines with thrusting dildos have been around for awhile now. But not until now, THANKS to Kiiroo is there a sex machine that is completely interactive through connections with other Kiiroo products or interactive porn.

Now, if you'll excuse me, this has put me in the mood for another masturbation session with my Keon Sex Machine.

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