Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pleasure Product Review: Arcwave Voy

 At a training session on their products, the kind folks at Wowtech allowed my co-workers and myself to choose a product. I chose their male masturbator, Voy.

What I learned from that training is that unlike other male masturbators, Voy allows for EIGHT(8) levels of tightness. Of course, that depends on preference, but even more so on one's phallic girth. Plus, also unlike other sleeves, the Voy's sleeve is made of silicone, which allows it to be more durable (when used with water-based lubes), and even shareable (if that's your kink).

Voy also allows for quite discreet storage and unnoticeable placement. For when closed (as in the 2nd pic), it can easily be mistaken for either a Bluetooth speaker or a professional camera lens.

With the Voy's sleeve being made of silicone, it is very easy to clean. All you need is any body-safe soap or toy cleaner. However, if you clean the sleeve by removing it from its holder, be sure to set the tightness adjuster to its lowest setting for easy removal and placement back into the holder.

The main draw to any sex toy review about a male stroker is the sensation. Well, the texture of the sleeve being ridges is one of the most common, but still pleasing sensations to the penis. Add to that how you can change how close against your penis those ridges are with a simple turn of the toy, even changing up during a masturbation session, and you have a male stroker that can blow your mind.

I know because I, someone who usually plays with a sex toy, gets off, washes it, then never plays with it again for awhile, this time went back to it...for a few consecutive days.

Lastly, at the moment, the price point for a stroker does seem pretty high. However, compared to the overrated Fleshlight, with the Voy, you are paying about maybe $20 more for a male stroker that will 1)last you longer because of it being made with better material (silicone) and; 2)that you can actually adjust, thereby create a variation in sensation during a masturbation session. Variation you cannot get while masturbating with a Fleshlight.

With that high rating for a Voy, be sure to get yours soon.

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