Sunday, March 6, 2022

If Face Obstructions Are Your Schtick, I'm Not Watching Your Sh*t

When I say in the title "face obstructions", I mean those creating a porn following while hiding their face. Doing everything from wearing a hood or mask, wearing a blindfold, pixelating the face, blurring the face, to blocking the face with a phone or other object. There seems to be a lot of porn out there now made by such people using this gimmick. It is an idiocy I want no part of.

I won't subscribe to it, nor would I ever hook-up on camera with such a person. And it makes me feel a certain way about those subscribing to them, but even worse, collaborating with them. Because it means they are enabling every negative I speak of in this article about this schtick. And I won't cancel those who collaborate with them. My concern is that they are not seeing this to the depth that I'm seeing it. Hence part of the necessity for this article.

Before I go any further though, let it be known that I am not talking about people who do one or two porn scenes with their face obstructed. With an avoidance of  notoriety that makes them either not have a name or paid following. Such as my playmate from years ago in my homemade video "Why It's WE Fucked".

I am also not talking about guys who have donned a hood/mask occasionally, but overall you still know their face. This is to address the one obsessed creature on Instagram who tried to call me a hypocrite for criticizing mask-wearing in porn because I wore a hood in one of my videos. Meanwhile, in over 95% of my videos before and since that one, my face has been shown. Because me wearing a hood or mask is like everything else I do sexually. It hits me in that moment, then afterwards, I put it away for another day.

The first problem with these facial obstructions is that it is a fake freedom. They think they are sexually liberated, but they are not. If you really own what you are doing, you don't hide your face doing it.

I was done enabling sexual lies to myself and others the very day I came out to myself on February 9, 2002. So I'm not hooking up on camera (or otherwise) with a person lying to themselves. Because if they are lying to themselves, there's a good chance they are lying to others. And not just a corporate job, which is the go-to excuse. But to a partner. Maybe even a partner who is a girlfriend/wife. And collaborating with such a guy makes you an enabler to a lie. Bad karma I don't want coming my way.

Many don't realize that everyone who does a facial obstruction in porn fits a racist white-endorsed image of sex appeal. If you think I'm wrong, then comment with someone who does not fall into the skin color-based traits listed below.

WHITE MALES - All a white male obstructing his face in porn really needs for acceptance is to have is a fit body. Thanks to the sexual white male privilege displayed in the gay community, a top having a big dick, or a bottom having a nice ass is appreciated, but not necessarily a must. For people of color however, such is not the case;

LIGHT-SKINNED NON-WHITE MALES - The colorism that is used to cover up racism is heavily used here. For the rules for light-skinned males obstructing their face are a bit more open than for a medium to dark-complexioned male, but still limiting.

For light-skinned males, the rules of acceptance of their facial obstruction is a whispered reminder of how much they are not white, even though many try to assimilate the racism of whites. Because for light-skinned males, unlike with white males, being well-endowed in the marketed area of the body is indeed a must. Therefore, a light-skinned bottom will not be accepted without having a nice ass, and a light-skinned top won't be accepted without having a big dick. And while his white counterpart can be a grower, a light-skinned male is only accepted if he is a shower.

MEDIUM TO DARK-COMPLEXIONED MALES - While the rules for a facially obstructed medium to dark-complexioned male being accepted start off being the same as those for a light-complexioned male, how much of the superficial success he'll achieve is dependent upon whether he is doing so as a top or bottom. Hence furthering my point of how the rules are racist white-endorsed.

For a black male being a top using his dick as a weapon to avenge slavery is still the typical white ideal of what makes a black male sexy. And all of the more popular black males with their faces obstructed as their porn schtick and featured in interracial scenes are all big-dicked, aggressive fucking tops. Medium to dark-complexioned bottoms hiding their face are nowhere nearly as popular.

Going back to the hiding because of one's job excuse. To that I say...

No one told you to live a life in which you can't do porn freely. Furthermore, doing porn for the public to see should not be a necessity. If one sees it as a necessity, it is because they have allowed their sexuality to be validated by other's point of view. That is not a necessity. That is a sign of a social dysfunction within. Especially since most of those that the validation is sought from are more about depravity than exhibitionism. And sad to admit, but doing porn is often treated as a rite of passage for gay males. So this social dysfunction is often heavily pushed upon us to have.

And I'm not going to request this politely, so I'm not saying "please". I'm just going to come right out and say do not try using the necessity for income during the pandemic as an excuse. Why not? Because it might be the case for some, and for them, I do empathize with their situation. However, facial obstruction for the negative reasons I have stated have been in existence long before the pandemic. The increase in porn viewing during the lockdown just happened to expose us to how too many have been doing it.

I want people who seek having an exhibitionist spirit and being sexually liberated to do so in both word and action. These facial obstructions are not it. And my coming down so harshly is because as adults, we all should know better. Instead, we have adults who in all of the ways I'm refusing to contribute to this falsehood of liberation are actually making a trail of to feed the falsehood.

So as I said before, I am not supporting a lie of sexual liberation. Not by way of my writing, my social media sharing, in spirit, and most definitely not by way of my wallet.