Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Pleasure Product Review: Feel Me Strokers (Leigh Raven & September Reign)

The folks at Kiiroo were kind enough to give me, not 1, but 2 of their latest FeelMe strokers to test. One of Leigh Raven and the other of September Reign.

There really is no contest between these 2 sleeves. They both offer amazing pleasure, but by different means.

For as seen in the above photo, both contain textures that are hits within male strokers. Such as the twists and rings in the Leigh Raven FeelMe stroker. Making it focus more on spots of widening and thinning within the sleeve's plus subtle textures.

Meanwhile, you can see that the sleeve of the September Reign FeelMe stroker focuses more heavily on varying textures. Textures that are also hits within the male strokers. Such as in addition to the all-time favorite ring texture, there is also a section within the sleeve of a netted texture.

The differences in widening and textures are more so felt on the head of the penis on longer strokes. Be they done by the Keon or by the user's hand. Regardless of how you use it, while all bodies are different, I doubt that you will be disappointed with the outcome.

With that said, I most definitely recommend either or both of these strokers. Get just one because the differences described, or both to change up sensations when using a Kiiroo Keon or manual use.

Whatever you decide, enjoy it. Because as I always say, YOUR BODY, YOUR CALL. 👍😊 

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