Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Pleasure Product Review: Viceroy Agility Probe Prostate Massager

When the Viceroy Agility Probe prostate massager by Cal Exotics came into the sex shop that I work at, the staff was given no information about it. It piqued my interest by me finally having some down time, touring the store, and stopped there at the Agility Probe to investigate it further.

When I started reading the box, a trait that really caught my eye was seeing the box say that the Agility Probe was bendable. I was wondering how bendable it was compared to the only other non-vibrating prostate massagers I play with, the Helix Syn by Aneros, which is good for a beginner. Not only is the Viceroy bendable, but it actually holds a pose.

This is good because bodies are shaped differently outside and inside. Making the Agility Probe easy to adjust to one's individual fit.

Back to the Helix Syn for a moment, I primarily used that prostate massager when I was en route to a sex party or hook-up. Doing the Kegels that made it massage my prostate making me eager to bottom, and come closer to a physical orgasm by way of anal penetration during intercourse. Instead of just a mental orgasm and maybe penile stimulation. With that said, I was looking forward to the Agility Probe because not only does the size of the end bulb makes it good for more intermediate anal play and beyond, but it is good to masturbate with. Such as while watching porn. By it being closer to the size of the average penis, one can more realistically imagine themselves with the person penetrating on-screen.

The Agility Probe is made of high-quality silicone so it does not hold bacteria and can be easily cleaned with any body-safe soap or toy cleaner. Plus its matte finish makes it easy entry once lubricated.

Speaking of lubricants, water-based is most recommended. You can use oil-based, but water-based is the first choice to avoid staining.

NOTE: SILICONE LUBE IS AN ABSOLUTE NO-NO! While silicone is the go-to lube for anal sex, it should only be used for just that - sex. Not for playing with pleasure products made solely or partially of silicone.

In short, the Viceroy Agility Probe is a prostate massager that can quite easily give the reputation of Aneros' massagers a run for their money. Because being more seasoned at anal play, the size and bendability of the Agility Probe has definitely made my Helix Syn my 2nd favorite prostate massager now.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Why Am Not A Slut, But a S.L.U.T.?

I have always had a love/hate relationship with the word "slut". A former bartender at the NYC gay bar, The Cock used to call me "Slut-asaurus Rex". Most of me loved it. Another part of me hated it.

While the word-perv that I am loves what the word "slut" is about, I think the part of it riddled with disdain is from the many self-destructive behaviors displayed in porn from all genders and that I have seen in sexually permissive spaces with my own eyes from gay males who can be defined by the word.

Such as how sluts choose quantity over quality. Meanwhile, while I love having my body entertain and be entertained by the beauty of the male form, and there are so many beautiful men to entertain, I put quality first. Quality by way of a spiritual connection through the eyes, and not just sight of the body, or in the case of many gay sluts I have seen, feel of any body. Hence why I can go to a sex party for 3+ hours and have one great 5-minute fuck to call the night great. Meanwhile, to those who are the more common definition of "slut", one fuck (no matter how good the sex was) is a lousy night.

This is why in the poem I said the lines:

So I call myself that standing for something 

That something is not the word you know 

For those who define as the word 

In some ways, live by a different code

For that reason, I wanted to come up with a definition for "slut" that more so suited me. Then it came to me. Instead of trying to use the word, why don't I make the letters that spell the word mean something. Much like Folsom Street East did a few years ago when they started calling the event S.L.U.T.S., an acronym for Sex, Love, Unity, Trust, and Safety.

Now, I have come up with my own acronym. With that said, I'm all about sharing it and maybe even starting a movement with it. For I know a number of people whose sexuality is much like mine. They have the lust to have sex with every adult human of their preferred gender with a pulse, but won't because they crave a connection besides just a pretty face, even in that fleeting moment.

So which are you? Are you a slut? Or are you a S.L.U.T.?