Sunday, September 12, 2021

Pleasure Product Review: Arcwave Ion

Ever since the sex toy Womanizer caused a craving of suction toys for the clitoris, the burning question from males and those buying for males became, "Is there something like this for men?"

Before the answer was no. But now, with the Arcwave Ion, the answer is yes.

The PleasureAir technology that made the Womanizer so famous is now in a toy marketed for males. And while I often say that the sex toy industry can sometimes be too gender-specific for their own good, with the design of the Ion, they did not go wrong.

I have actually played with a Womanizer. Running it along the frenulum, and although it took awhile, did achieve an orgasm. However, I always knew that if they ever made a male version that some things needed to be different. I just didn't know what. Luckily, the designers of the Ion figured out what.

For starters, I have often said that with sex toys for penile stimulation, a male-bodied person usually wants their penis enclosed. More so along the shaft. And that is exactly how the Ion is designed. With a stretchy silicone covering for the shaft that accommodates various penile widths. The ridges that run along that covering as well as near the Pleasure Air orifice add greatly to the sensation.

The opening at the end allows the head of the penis(glans) to peek out and experience the 8 intensity levels of Pleasure Air technology by way of a slightly larger mechanism than a Womanizer. Confirming how (even before discovering the diagram below) I have always said that the glans of a penis is just a large clitoris and vice versa. I have made many sex shop customers rethink their gendering of sex toys by telling that fact.

At first look, you would be concerned about how to clean an Ion. Well, 2 things make that very easy:
1) it is waterproof. So you can put it under the sink with no worry to clean it, and;
2) a simple twist makes the top part for the shaft detach from the rest of the toy. Allowing an easy clean of both the part for the shaft, and the Pleasure Air mechanism with either a toy cleaner or body-safe soap.

The Arcwave Ion comes with a storage base/charging port that makes it easy for discreet travel, as well as discreet display within the home. Unless they have one themselves, guests are more likely to assume it to be nothing more than a Bluetooth speaker, electric pencil sharpener, or small air purifier. And as far as charging goes, you are looking at about almost 1.5 hours of charging time that gives about that much playing time at minimum intensity, and about 1 hour at maximum intensity.

As with almost all sex toys, water-based lube is the way to go. I will advise to try not overdoing it on the lube. For the top button that looks like a speaker with an X next to it on the Ion controls a feature much like the Womanizer Premium that allows the toy to respond to contact with the body. In my experience, if too much lube is in the Pleasure Air mechanism, then that features ceases to work. Leaving you to either stop and lessen the lube in that area, or turn that feature off completely.

With all that said, I very much enjoy the Arcwave Ion. With many of my stroker toys, I often use them enough to review them, then push them aside, and go to my old reliable hand when the mood strikes However, the Ion has been bought out a good number of times since using it for this review. It is one of those male sex toys I believe we male-bodied people wanted, but didn't know it until it was presented to us.

So for that, THANKS, ARCWAVE! 😊

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