Monday, April 26, 2021

Pleasure Product Review: Lumen by OhMiBod

I was recently presently surprised by Kiiroo with them offering me their latest collaboration with OhMiBod. A teledildonic butt plug called Lumen.

I must admit that at first sight, I had my doubts. Initially, because of its small size. I wondered how great an impact its vibration would have from such a small toy. Upon testing it solely by the button on the toy, I thought my first instinct was right. However, I still held out hope. Because in my years of reviewing sex toys, I have encountered enough sex toys to know that, like with a penis and the man attached to it, size alone is not an indicator of skill or power. And my optimism soon proved itself to not be for nothing. 


For the greatest power from a Lumen is not found by the button on the device. It is instead found by using the Bluetooth to join it with the OhMiBod and FeelConnect apps. 

I have tested the Lumen with both apps in every way except for with a partner. With that, I very much enjoyed the various vibration patterns and ways to achieve or create them. Achieved with intensity that makes the Lumen seem to be a good deal larger than it actually is. In fact, in a masturbation session while working on this review, I synced the Lumen with a video on featuring one of my favorite male performers, Max Dior.

As he penetrated his scene partner Baby Nicols, I discovered the vibration to be so intense that I could actually feel it a little bit in my erect penis. With that being the case, you can easily imagine a large penis inside you by syncing it to an interactive porn from such a site, and still be satisfied.

My testing of the Lumen via the app also included a device-to-device connection.

For this I linked the Lumen to both a Kiiroo Titan, then an Onyx+. Every stroke of the sensors on the Titan or Onyx+ caused a pleasing pulsing vibration in the my butt, I was basically fucking myself... in the best way possible. 


As for care, the Lumen is made of silicone. Therefore, the rules of silicone toys applies here. Such as: 

  • It is non-porous. Therefore, it will not harbor bacteria after a good washing; 
  • You cannot use a silicone lube on it. I know silicone is a go-to lube for anal sex, but never for anal masturbation with toys. Use a water-based lube instead as your 1st choice. However, some prefer oil-based lubes for anal play, which is compatible with a silicone toy like the Lumen. But I would suggest making that a 2nd choice option.


The Lumen is also waterproof. So it will not become damaged if you submerge it. A trait that makes cleaning it a lot easier on one's nerves. 


The Lumen is rechargeable and takes about 2.5 hours to charge and allows up to 1 hour of playing timeUnderstandably, that playing time is dependent upon the intensity of vibration and length of interactive play.

With all that said, the Lumen is the anal toy I've been wanting from the very beginning. For its small size makes it easy to maintain, while its range of power makes it easy to satisfy.

Those traits make me definitely recommend getting this to treat yourself, or any one you know into any play, be that person an anal play beginner or pro. However, I wouldn't mind it being bigger, and having the curve that would make it be more directly stimulating to the prostate. Even without that, this is still an awesome buy.

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