Thursday, May 26, 2016

He Fucked The Cum Out of Me

I recently went to a nude party. Afterwards, 4 of us got together, and had our own private fuckfest.

There was a great deal of making out. When it came to cocksucking, I think I was the main one. Not surprising since in most group situations like this, I seem to become the designated bottom on all counts. So like I said, not a surprise. Nor was I disappointed. For it was one of those rare instances when you're versatile, and you're willing to top and/or bottom for any or all of the guys in that room

At one point, one of the guys was sitting down, while the other 2 were fucking in a chair. When they stopped, I was still sucking the guy. I then felt someone coming up behind me. Eating my ass out ferociously. I couldn't tell which one of the 2 other guys it was because the room was dark and I was so into sucking that playmate's cock that I refused to look up.

Between my asshole getting wet by the rimming, and my finding every guy I was with in that room fuckable, I began growing more and more eager to bottom. For someone,...anyone in that room! I could have been blindfolded like the fantasy I talk about in my poem "Blind Fuck Mind Fuck 5". Only in this case, I would have figured out which one put their missile-like cock in me because I either saw and/or sucked on all of them hard beforehand. So I knew all of their cock's lengths and shapes.

At this point, all of the rimmer's spit and my desire to bottom was all the lube I needed. I knew once a dick got the slightest bit inside me, my hole would be like a defanged boa constrictor taking in another snake whole.

Eventually, I learned which guy it was. I remember seeing his hard cock earlier at the party. It was as long and shaped very much like the Uncut #1 from Tantus that I rode with ease in my XTube video "Poppers! We Don't Need No Stinkin' Poppers!" He teased my hole a number of time. Making each grip my hole tried to do on his dick be like an animal escaping a boa constrictor's grasp. Which of course would be the case, because like I said, my hole was like a DE-fanged boa constrictor. 3 of us at first making out.

When he started to dig his dick in and stay in to pound me, he did exactly that... POUNDED ME.

As the fucking progressed, had me on my back, and was thrusting into me. I suddenly felt a sensation go through my cock. Like something was coming out. Without me jerking off. It was much like the sensation I felt in "Fucking The What Out of Me" when I wasn't sure if I was cumming or not. Well, after attending an anal sex workshop I later discovered that was exactly the case. And I've regretted not letting myself go to let that ejaculation happen every since. So I told myself to right that wrong by letting go that moment.

I don't know how, but I did. I stopped fighting to maintain my individual sexual identity thinking about avoiding porn-induced stigmas and fighting myself from making sounds reminiscent of the overacting in porn, all to maintain my individual sexual identity. The next thing I knew... in that deep dark, I could feel a wet string dangling from my dick. That because of my top's ongoing and continuously hardly thrust, disconnected from my dick to drop and land on my side. Then another wet string came out. And this one landed right on my treasure trail. I touched it to feel its consistency. And what I felt was the sweet goo that is my jizz.

Just thinking out loud, I said that I had come. So he stopped. He didn't have to. For even though I ejaculated, I was still hungry for using my ass to help get off my top and any other guy in the room that wanted to cum by having me as his bottom. Luckily, his stopping was short-lived, and he pounded my ass some more. He liked it so much that at one point he said he needed a break, and then within 2 minutes at the most, he came over to me, put me in front of him, and put his dick back in me so we could fuck some more. This time, standing up.

If you notice, I did not mention anyone's ethnicity. The reason why is because in regards to the couple, I don't know exactly. All I can say is that, neither of them were black. However, the other guy who was bottoming with the boyfriend of my fuckmate was also black. So without even trying, the other black guy and myself disputed the gay porn industry's narrow-minded lie that says black guys only bottom for other blacks. Even better was the sex was not derogatory in any way. Our being black was not highlight in words or action. Having both of us needing to go home doing kegels.

In any case, with hindsight being 20/20, this encounter was  Fate's way of showing me that I was overthinking during sex. Yes, as knowledgeable as I am about sex and indicators of certain sexual behavior, even I can be put in a position to learn something new about myself. I was fighting all the bullshit we're shown (and I may have help teach by my past) in gay porn so much that I was preventing the great joy I already get from anal sex from becoming even greater.

Now, I'm not saying porn actors have it right. I still find most of them to be in a prison avoiding themselves. So the reason they can so easily let go is because the sense of self that I was working so hard to maintain is non-existent for them.

So I leave you with this new credo from me about where to put your mind during sex...

Fuck the rest of the world and its bigotry in bad way of the expression, so you can fuck your partner in the best way.

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